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Wak  is a lively calligraphy-based sans serif. The simplicity and smoothness of its forms is combined with the sharpness and suddenness of the details. There are six weights from light to extra bold, with a variety of alternative signs, additional ligatures and initial and final forms with swashes. Lowercase letters repeat the uppercase pattern. The font is intended for short inscriptions and texts and is adapted for use on the screen. Wak was designed by Viktor Fitzner, character set expanded by Alexander Lubovenko.

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Clincher is a set of monospaced and duospaced fonts designed specifically for program coding and user interface design. Distinctive font design and multiple alternates allow to use it in advertising, wayfinding and signage as well as in short texts when regularity and monospacing is important. The font was designed by Alexander Lubovenko.

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Crassula is a versatile display font. Like the plant of the same name (Crassula, jade tree, money plant), which has thick juicy leaves, the font is distinguished by rounded contours and smoothed out forms of elements. Stylistic Alternates offer more traditional letter shapes and make Crassula more readable in long texts. Six weights allow a broad range of applications - from informal book and magazine headlines to emotional marketing ads. The font was designed by Natalia Vasilyeva.

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Krok is an experimental geometric sans serif designed by Zhanar Bereketova. Itís suitable for posters, packaging, brand elements and short memorable texts. Each character of this font adds a visual accent to the message. There are many alternative forms, designed in two stylistic sets and one contextual set that allow you to create a different mood of the text -- from electronic folk to science fiction.

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Mayak is a geometric sans serif inspired by the Soviet constructivist fonts of the 1920s-1930s. It contains traditional upper and lower case characters as well as small caps and a great number of stylistic alternates. The font comes in 18 styles: 5 widths with 3 or 4 weights. Mayak was designed by Yana Nosenko with contributions from Dmitry Kirsanov.

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Ida is a simple and utilitarian typeface reminiscent of late 19th/early 20th Century grotesques, yet having a warm and friendly nature. Closed apertures and low contrast combined with elegant skeleton of individual characters create an impression of both rationality and comfort. Technically the font is modern and functional but still calls forth the emotion of a valve radio. Ida comes in 18 styles Ė 6 roman weights with companion italics and 6 narrow widths. One can also benefit from the use of small caps, alternate characters and indices. The typeface was designed by Maria Kharlamova (Selezeneva).

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Mojito  is a lively and vigorous calligraphic font based on a brush pen calligraphy. The author carefully rethought all of the character forms and created a very concise and clean outline that would look great in any size. Mojito has about 1,400 characters, including alternatives, ligatures, initial and final forms. Thatís why letters are not repeated and their combinations look as natural as possible, especially in Cyrillic. For an all caps set in Mojito you can include the replacement of basic forms with the simplified ones, specifically designed for this purpose. Two additional styles imitate writing over a rough surface and a relief print. Mojito is perfect for packaging and advertising, food and beverages, cafes and restaurants, craftsmanship, children's books, magazines, etc. The font was designed by Zahar Yaschin. Additional styles were created by Alexander Lubovenko.

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