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American Garamond

American Garamond is a font from Bitstream library. Eighty years ago the mannered work of the seventeenth century Protestant punchcutter, Jean Jannon of Sedan, was confused with that of Garamont and was widely copied as his. This version, designed for American Typefounders by Thomas Maitland Cleland and Morris Fuller Benton, and released in 1919, has become the standard. English, Italian and ITC Garamond and French Garamont are all modeled on the Jannon series. Their aggressive styling contrasts with the classical serenity of the true Garamond designs.

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American Garamond BT (package contains 4 fonts)

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American Garamond Roman BT

American Garamond Roman BT font preview and detailed info

American Garamond Italic BT

American Garamond Italic BT font preview and detailed info

American Garamond Bold BT

American Garamond Bold BT font preview and detailed info

American Garamond Bold Italic BT

American Garamond Bold Italic BT font preview and detailed info

This type family is a part of Bitstream Library, distributed by ParaType.
Bitstream license allows you to use the American Garamond typeface on up to five CPUs and unlimited number of printers connected with these CPUs.
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