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Baskerville is a font from Bitstream library. John Baskerville spared no effort to create the ultimate typographic book. He prepared deep black inks and smoothed paper to show to full effect the letters that he had John Handy cut from his own brilliant designs, based on a lifetime of calligraphy and stonecutting. Punches and matrices survive at the Cambridge University Press. The present design is an accurate recutting, with particular attention to George W. Jones' revision from the metal of Baskerville's English (14pt) roman and italic in 1929 for Linotype & Machinery Ltd; Mergenthaler Linotype imported this design to the USA two years later.

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Baskerville BT (package contains 4 fonts)

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Baskerville Roman BT

Baskerville Roman BT font preview and detailed info

Baskerville Italic BT

Baskerville Italic BT font preview and detailed info

Baskerville Bold BT

Baskerville Bold BT font preview and detailed info

Baskerville Bold Italic BT

Baskerville Bold Italic BT font preview and detailed info

This type family is a part of Bitstream Library, distributed by ParaType.
Bitstream license allows you to use the Baskerville typeface on up to five CPUs and unlimited number of printers connected with these CPUs.
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