11.06.09 г.

Alexandra Yegorova

Han Zi

The ParaType library does not have very many fonts based on the shapes of traditional Chinese hieroglyphs; more precisely, Han Zi is the first such font. Its author Alexandra Yegorova, a young designer from St. Petersburg, based her design on the Кaisho style of hieroglyphs. This font is perfect for stylized Chinese inscriptions and short texts.

Andrei Belonogov
Yana Kutyina

Astera, Brusque, Cliche, FastFingers, Lustre, Vataga

This package of six fonts by Andrei Belonogov and Yana Kutyina was released at the end of 2008. The fonts were developed by their authors quite a while ago and received several awards in various font design contests. Four of these fonts are pictographic, and the other two are alphabetical.

Fonts by Andrei Belonogov
FastFingers comprises depictions of hand gestures that are used in different countries of the world to reinforce the meaning of speech. Since each gesture is presented in two mirror-image configurations, this font can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. This font (under the name Handmade) received an award at the ATypI International Contest of Font Design in 2001.
Astera consists of a set of astronomical signs (symbols for the Sun, the Moon, the planets and other celestial objects, and also signs of the Zodiac, the phases of the Moon, etc.), signs of the Eastern horoscope, and several decorative symbols. This font (under the name Astra) received an award at the TypeArt Contest of Font Design in 2005.
Brusque is a unique display font. It was formerly called Ruble and under that name received the first place diploma in the “Fonts” category at the Graphite Festival of Graphic Design in 1999, and also received an award at “буква:раз!”, the ATypI International Contest of Font Design in 2001.
Cliche is a stencil font. A slight difference in the shapes of uppercase vs. lowercase characters creates the impression of randomness, which is typical of makeshift stenciled advertisements. Intended for use as a display font.

Fonts by Yana Kutyina
Vataga is a non-alphabetical font which includes 82 depictions of funny faces, and also several characteristic interjections. This font was developed with the participation of Andrei Belonogov.
– Yana Kutyina has also created another non-alphabetical font called Lustre, which consists of 38 silhouetted and contoured depictions of women’s shoes and accessories.

Yuri Gulitov


This font by the artist Yuri Gulitov is truly unique in the way it was created. The images of the two styles of the Gulitov font (Negative and Positive) was made by experimenting with black and white paper and glue. Created in such an unconventional manner, these fonts can be used (either together or separately) in advertisements that show the struggle between good and evil.

Zakhar Yaschin


The Nazhdak font was created by the designer Zakhar Yaschin. It was inspired by Erik van Blokland’s font FF Kosmik.

This font is unique in that, despite the purposely uneven edges of its contour, which are very noticeable in large (headline) font sizes and give the font a characteristic roughness, as font size is decreased to that used in the text, this roughness practically disappears; the font becomes very even and is as easy to read as the modern grotesque text fonts.