19.12.08 .

Oleg Karpinsky

Mellnik Text

In the previous newsletter weve introduced two fonts by Oleg Karpinsky Bublik and Plastilin, that got new weights added to their families. His certitude that there must be a good deal of good things stands firm. And now, to a remarkable type family Mellnik, consisted from nine extended and five condensed typefaces, twelve styles of normal proportions, called Mellnik Text, were added.

Now the whole family can be used for body text, headlines as well as for footnotes, text insertions and other constructive elements of modern typography.

Gennady Fridman


Gennady Fridman is an author of many of handwriting based typefaces (Pushkin, Jefferson and others). The new font Hub represents so called block letter handwriting style, which is special in its necessity. This handwriting is often required to filling forms, tax returns and other official papers where it is advisable to avoid mistakes of recognition. And so far as each form needs a example of filling it, Hub is just irreplaceable for the demonstration of filled in blanks.

Manvel Shmavonyan


Baltica in its origin is based on Candida by Jakob Erbar (1936). In the beginning of 50s three styles of Baltica in multilingual version were designed by Isay Slutsker under the supervision of Vera Chiminova. Until now it is one of the most popular and beloved fonts. There were so many requests for extension of the family by new styles and for small capitals version, that we could not refuse them. Manvel Shmavonyan took the challenge and added his name to the glorious list of Baltica designers. Good legibility in small sizes makes this font useful in newspaper and magazine typography, while clear character shapes provide for pleasant display lines.

Ekaterina Galuyan


Decorative font Shaltai was developed by young Russian designer Ekaterina Galuyan.

Egg-shaped appearance of the characters determines the name of the font which is the name of a fairy tale character Shaltai Boltai, a Russian brother of English Humpty Dumpty, French Boule and Swedish-Norwegian Lille Trille. This mischievous font will look cheerful at different labels, circus playbills, children books and so on.