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The first digital font of the typeface Ahmed was produced by Linotype-Hell Limited in the early 1980s. Originally developed as a simplified face, its design recalls the inscriptional and decorative tilework lettering of the medieval period. The strong treatment of the tails of certain characters departs from the more traditional style of tapering these finials, introducing a modern feel to the design. The contrasting proportions of the tall vertical strokes and the rather elongated counters lends a monumental look to Ahmed, allowing its effective use in titling. During the later 1980s Ahmed was developed into a traditional typeface, with the introduction of medial forms to improve character spacing and balance. Recently, Ahmed has been converted into PostScript font format, ensuring its continued popularity as a heading face for newspaper typesetting. Ahmed font contains four weights, Ahmed solid, Ahmed solid Latin Figures, Ahmed outline, Ahmed outline Latin Figures.

Ahmed is a trademark of Esselte Letraset Limited.

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Ahmed Regular

Ahmed font preview OpenType Std (TTF) [?] $179.00 Buy Ahmed Regular font

Ahmed Outline

Ahmed font preview OpenType Std (TTF) [?] $179.00 Buy Ahmed Outline font

Ahmed Complete Family Pack (2 fonts)

Regular, Outline
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