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Anlinear font

Anlinear is part of a series of constructed typographic experiments from the young Swiss designer Michael Parson. In the Anlinear family, which contains three separate weights, Parson has successfully created a fabulous display of alphabets out of the sole arrangement of lines at right angles to each other. The letters in this face virtually groove with the beat as you set them in text. Like a musical score, they provide a fantastic look just right for your next flyer. This family of fonts looks best when set in larger point sizes, in headlines or other display settings. Anlinear and nine other Michael Parson designs are featured in the Take Type 5 collection from Linotype GmbH.

Anlinear is a trademark of Linotype GmbH and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

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Anlinear Std Light

Anlinear font preview OpenType Std (CFF) [?] $35.00 Buy Anlinear Std Light font

Anlinear Std Regular

Anlinear font preview OpenType Std (CFF) [?] $35.00 Buy Anlinear Std Regular font

Anlinear Std Bold

Anlinear font preview OpenType Std (CFF) [?] $35.00 Buy Anlinear Std Bold font


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