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A full list of questions:

How to buy fonts in your shopping mall?
1. Search fonts. You can limit your search by format (TrueType/PostScript), platform (PC/Mac), language or by mask of a font name. There are previews, detailed information, character set, and the possibility to type any sample text for every font.
2. Select fonts. To place a font into your shopping cart click on the corresponding (Into Cart) icon.
3. Pay for selected fonts. To complete a purchase, click on the "credit card" or "check" button in the Shopping Cart frame. You can download your order immediately after entering your Credit Card or Check information. This information will be submitted and handled via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and processed in real time.
4. Download fonts. After processing your order, you'll see a page with a number of your order and a password for accessing the Customer Area, which contains references to every item of your order. You can download them straight to your computer.

Please, could you tell me how I can achieve the Russian characters in Windows?
Please try the following:

  1. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
  2. Choose Regional Settings
  3. Choose Locale -> 'Russian'
  4. Mark the checkmark "Set default"
  5. Click Ok and restart the system.

I am a student at Wymondham College, Norfolk, England. I was wondering if you could be so kind as to supply me any suitable, broadsheet type ( for example The Times) fonts, for free. I would be extremely grateful.
Thank you for your e-mail. You can get some free stuff without any problems in our web-shop on
Click 'Free Stuff' and take your fonts free-of-charge. You can also get some links to free fonts there.

I need access code for ParaWin.
Please, could you inform us the number of your order and the date of purchase, and also send us ID number and we will reply to you with the access code. To get ID you should start installation process of Parawin and you'll see the dialog-box with the ID requesting access code.

I'm new to this. I've downloaded the font (order no. XXX), but don't know what to do to get it to work with word, etc.. I am using MacOS. Please help.
You need to install the font. The procedure of installation depends on the MacOS version you are using. This is an instruction how to install fonts on different platforms of Mac: Mac OS 7.x-9.x or Mac OS X

I need fonts that supports Polish language, how can I buy it?
We have some fonts that include Polish symbols. You must go to languages section to view the encodings that supports Polish language and buy only the fonts that available in this codepages.

Is the membership free and can I be member and use more from your services?
To use our services and technical support you simply need to purchase our products (fonts or software). You can make your choice in our Shopping mall

Who has to purchase the rights on a font - the client or the web designer / agency?
Our license allows using the font (or software) on a strictly determined quantity of hardware - if fonts are using on a client's hardware then client should purchase the license, if fonts are using on hardware of web-agency then web-agency should purchase the license. For more info see License info section.

What type of credit card I need, if I want buy your font's pack via Internet?
You can apply Mastercard or Visa cards in our web-shop. Also we accept American Express and Diners credit cards through PayPal. For more information please refer to or