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Windows 95/98/ME Windows Vista/XP/2000/7 Mac 7.x-9.x Mac OS X

After downloading font archive files from our site you need to unpack and install them onto your computer. Depending on your operation system this procedure may be different.

If you have downloaded fonts for Windows, you got ZIP file(s).

To unpack ZIP file in old versions of Windows you need to have some extracting software, that you may get free of charge:

Or get commercial WinZip Utility from

If you have downloaded Mac fonts, you got HQX or ZIP files. ZIP may contain BIN-files inside. Sometimes HQX may contain SIT inside.
In case of ZIP you may unpack it by double-clicking in Mac OS X.

To unpack HQX, ZIP/BIN, HQX/SIT archives you need download and install free software:
  StuffIt Expander from

For Mac OS Classic we can repack ZIP to HQX by your request.

After downloading and upacking you need to install fonts. Find installation instruction in corresponding sections of:
Windows 95/98/ME, Windows Vista/XP/2000/7, Mac Classic, Mac OS X.