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Windows 95/98/ME Windows Vista/XP/2000/7 Mac 7.x-9.x Mac OS X

Mac OS 7.x-9.x

Installing PostScript, TrueType and OpenType Fonts

A PostScript font consists of a Suitcase File and a Printer File. If you have a font family, you may have one suitcase for the whole family and up to four printer files one for each style regular, italic, bold and bold italic. Some manufacturers also include AFM files that can be used by some old applications.

A TrueType font and an OpenType font consists of one Suitcase file.

For PostScript Type 1 fonts and for OpenType fonts with PostScript flavor (OT/PS) in all Mac OSs except for OS X, you need Adobe Type Manager (ATM) to make the fonts appear smooth when viewed or printed at all sizes.
For OT/PS fonts you need ATM 4.6.2 or newer. You can download ATM Light free from Adobe Web site.

You may install fonts by means of operating system or with the help of font management utilities. To install with font management applications like Adobe Type Manager, Suitcase or Font Reserve, please consult the product manual.

Font installation on Mac is a simple drag and drop operation.

  1. Make sure you have ATM installed, otherwise your PS fonts will not look smooth.
  2. Close any open applications before installing fonts. New fonts do not appear in the font menu in some applications, if you install them while an application is open.
  3. Open the folder with fonts to install.
  4. Select font suitcases and PostScript printer files for the fonts you want to install.
    (You do not need to install any .AFM file that might be included.)
    Make sure you are selecting fonts themselves, not a folder containing fonts.
  5. Drag the selection onto the closed System Fonts folder icon.
  6. Click OK to complete installation.