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What format to select?
If you are not a font expert, we would recommend you to use TrueType. TrueType fonts work in any version of Windows and Mac OS as a native format and don't require any additional software.

PostScipt Type 1 fonts (also known as "PostScript fonts" or "Type 1 fonts") are traditionally used by graphic designers and publishing professionals. If you are one of them or would like to feel like them, select PostScirpt. Be aware that to use these fonts in Windows 98 or ME and in Mac OS 9 or earlier you need to have ATM installed. Free version of ATM software you may get from Adobe site.

OpenType is a new format. It works as a native one in Windows 2000, XP and in Mac OS X.
Advantages of OpenType:

  • cross platform - the same font file can be installed in Windows and in Mac;
  • support of Unicode - one font can cover alphabets of many languages;
  • font can include enhanced typographic features;
  • compressed format - font file occupies less place on disk and takes less time for downloading.

To know more about font formats read articles in corresponding chapters of this section.