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ParaType Desktop EULA ParaType Web EULA ParaType Free Desktop EULA

Dear customers! It's very important to know that when you buy a font you actually buy a LICENSE a RIGHT to use this font. The very font data still belongs to copyright owner, even after you purchase. Each copyright owner may have his own understanding what certain rights he sells. Usage conditions and peculiarities differs from vendor to vendor, that is why you need to read carefully End User License Agreement (EULA) of each vendor whose fonts you are going to buy and assure that your way of usage is not forbidden in any detail.

The most unpleasant side of EULA is language. EULA is a legal document and it's not an easy reading, but you must do that!

To simplify a process of understanding EULA we listed the key points of typical EULA below.

1. Number of devices.

The main aspect of any EULA is the number of devices/users that will work with fonts. The most typical number for basic license is 5. But under "5 devices" vendors understand different things.
Look at corresponding sections of EULAs of our vendors.
PARATYPE grants license to install and use fonts on 5 workstations that connected to 1 output device in one location. 'Workstation' means any computing device except server - desktop, notebook, palmtop, multiprocessor computer, etc. 'Output device' means any device that produce visible text in a hard copy - printer, imagesetter and so on. If you have in your company 2 computers and 2 printers, you need to buy special license, because number of printers exceeds the limit of basic license. The same solution is with 6 computers and 1 printer - here the number of workstations exceeds the limit.
LINOTYPE fonts can be installed on 5 computers in one location and you may additionally install the same fonts on one home or portable computer, but those fonts can not be used on the secondary computer by another person while the fonts are in use on the primary computer.
BITSTREAM fonts can be used on up to 5 CPUs in one location.
EMIGRE fonts can be used in one location with maximum 6 devices, for example 4 computers and 2 printers.
Multiple license
If you intend to use fonts on more devices then mentioned in basic EULA, you must get special license that called Multi-CPU or Multi-User or Multi-Workstation license.

3. Sharing with service bureau.

You buy license strictly for yourself or your company. You have no right to make a copy of fonts to your friends or business partners. But there is a specific case - sometimes you may need to give fonts together with layout files to a service bureau for film setting. Some vendors forbid such practice, some allow, some charge additional price for such an option. For example, ParaType charge 25% of base price for sharing with service bureaus. Check corresponding EULAs for your case.

4. Font embedding.

Some applications like MS Word or Adobe Acrobat give you possibility to embed fonts in document. Not all of vendors allow embedding and the level of embedding may be different. There are 4 levels of embedding: "Installable" - gives you right to distribute fonts with document in such way that any user of that document may permanently install embedded fonts into his system . "Editable" - a user of your document may temporarily install fonts and edit your document with these fonts, but when the document will be closed, fonts will be uninstalled. "Print & Preview" - document with this kind of embedding can only be opened in 'read-only' mode. "No embedding" - no embedding.

5. Modifications.

Some of vendors (not too many) allow font modification for internal purposes. You may convert fonts to another format, add symbols or even change design, e.g. compress or expand character widths. But resulting font will still belong to an owner of original font and all conditions of EULA must be applied to that derivative as well. For example, if you have license for 5 computers, total number of installed fonts either originals or derivatives must not exceed this number. Other vendors, e.g. Linotype, don't allow any modifications or require additional written permission for that.

6. License Transferability.

Most of vendors, but not all, allow transferring your license to another person or company. In this case you need completely delete all copies of fonts on your computers and transfer font package in full, including license documents, manuals, original disks and so on.

7. All Sales Final.

As all our products are "Digital Downloads", all sales are final. We understand that from time to time there may be uncontrollable variables that can hinder the download of your licensed product. However, ParaType is continuously making efforts to ensure our download servers are performing to their best ability. In addition, all purchases will be accessible at any time. We do not place time restrictions or limitations on the number of downloads for your licensed product. If you are still unable to download your licensed product, please contact us at