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Circe is a geometric sans-serif with some humanist features in 6 weights from Thin to Extra Bold. The name of the font is derived from both its geometric shapes and artificial, kinky nature. While being clean and simple in its basic form, Circe can become more intricate with its numerous decorative variations of characters, tempting and challenging the designer to use more and more of them and finally, probably, making him look foolish like the sailors who got to Circe's island. Its oversized character set not only allows using Circe for almost all European languages (based on Latin and Cyrillic scripts) but also contains a lot of alternates and swash variants organized in stylistic sets which bring several completely different looks to the font. Circe is good for both text setting in small point sizes and display purposes, such as magazine headlines, posters and so on. Designed by Alexandra Korolkova and released by ParaType in 2011.

Tags: magazine, headline, text, book, poster, screen, fashion, modern, stylish, elegant, technical, old russian, small caps, swashes, old styles figures, alternatives, indexes


Circe Thin
Circe Thin font Character Set
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Circe Extra Light
Circe Extra Light font Character Set
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Circe Light
Circe Light font Character Set
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Circe Regular
Circe Regular font Character Set
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Circe Bold
Circe Bold font Character Set
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Circe Extra Bold
Circe Extra Bold font Character Set
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Circe pack (6 fonts)
Circe Thin, Circe Extra Light, Circe Light, Circe Regular, Circe Bold, Circe Extra Bold
Buy and download Circe pack (6 fonts)
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