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Public Fonts for Minority Languages of Russia

At the end of 2011 we released a monospaced font PT Mono™ — the last addition to the pan-Cyrillic font superfamily PT Sans – PT Serif developed for the project “Public Types of Russian Federation”.

Font families PT Sans and PT Serif were released in 2009–2010 with open user license. The main aim of the project is to give possibility to the peoples of Russia to read and write on their native languages. The project is dedicated to 300-year anniversary of the civil type invented by Peter the Great in 1708–1710 years and was realized with financial support from Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.

The fonts beside standard Western, Central European and Cyrillic code pages contain characters of all title languages of Russian Federation that make them unique and very important tool of the modern digital communications.

PT Sans is based on Russian sans serif types of the second part of the XX century, but at the same time has a very distinctive features of modern humanistic design. The family consists of 8 styles: 4 basic styles; 2 captions styles for small sizes and 2 narrows styles for economic setting.
PT Serif is a transitional serif face with humanistic terminals designed for use together with PT Sans and harmonized with PT Sans on metrics, proportions, weights and design. PT Serif consists of six styles: regular and bold weights with corresponding italics form a standard computer font family for basic text setting; two caption styles (regular and italic) are for texts of small point sizes.
PT Mono was developed for the special needs — for use in forms, tables, work sheets etc. Equal widths of characters are very helpful in setting complex documents, with such font you may easily calculate size of entry fields, column widths in tables and so on. One of the most important area of use is Web sites of “electronic governments“ where visitors have to fill different request forms.
Currently PT Mono consists of Regular and Bold styles.

PT Sans and PT Serif were designed by Alexandra Korolkova with participation of Olga Umpeleva and under supervision of Vladimir Yefimov. PT Mono was designed by Alexandra Korolkova with participation of Isabella Chaeva and with financial support of Google .

Font samples (click on pictures to get corresponding PDF samples):

Download PT Sans (1.5Ěá)
Download PT Sans for Web (3.5Ěá)

Download PT Serif (0.9Ěá)
Download PT Serif for Web (2.3Ěá)

Download PT Mono (173 Ká)
Download PT Mono for Web (619 Ká)

To use the fonts for Web sites without downloading font files you may refer to the Google Web fonts service.

The fonts cover a long list of Eurasian languages based on Latin and Cyrillic scripts.
But the most important feature of these fonts is a support for all official and almost all minority languages of Russian Federation listed below: