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These fonts are free of charge, but they are copyrighted by ParaType. You may not place them on Web and FTP sites for free download, post them in newsgroups or distribute them by other means!
 PT Bitcoin
OpenType (Win + Mac) 88 kB
 PT New Year 2017
OpenType (Win + Mac) 195 kB
 PT New Year 2015
OpenType (Win + Mac) 486 kB
OpenType (Win + Mac) 65 kB
 PT Rouble  
OpenType (Win + Mac) 543 kB
 WWW Pack  
DOS, KOI8, CP1251, ISO8859-5 & и другие Win и Mac кодировки 964 kB 1.6 mB
PT Courier

 TrueType & PostScript

Cyrillic 65 kB 104 kB
Cyrillic-Asian 66 kB 106 kB
Cyrillic Old Russian 36 kB 69 kB
Western 59 kB 98 kB
Central European 55 kB 95 kB
Turkish 59 kB 98 kB
Greek 62 kB 104 kB
Baltic 67 kB

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